Sunday, 28 November 2010

Horror: London Man Brutally Left Hanging In Street

Police are conducting a city wide search for a group of youths who callously left a pal hanging in a busy street, last Thursday evening, while out on the town drinking.

Reports suggest the group were out celebrating a work related job promotion, for one of the group, when the incident occurred.

Witness Mary Celeste, 18, told us "I saw the gang, ya know, kinda walkin' past, laughin', jokin' an' that! Fought one of 'em was well fit, but the ovver lot were proper mingin'! They was tellin' jokes an' that, y'know?"

"I just saw 'em movin' from one bar to the next, they was drinkin' an' that, but who don't? I know I was proper wrecked, even well before Deano nailed me behind the bins!"

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