Sunday, 12 December 2010

Star Wars 3D Update: Studio Reveals Significant Changes To Bring Saga Up To Date.

It is no secret that George Lucas, creator of legendary sci-fi tour de force 'Star Wars', is currently at work on a 3D updated version of his saga. But what wasn't known was the subtle changes he is making, to bring the saga bang up to date.

We have here a short list of a few of the changes that will appear in newly shot scenes, using new actors with previous stars faces CGI'd on to them.

Insiders at Lucasfilm have revealed that Luke will discover that Darth Vader is his father, through a leaked memo on a futuristic version of the Wikileaks website.

The document will cause quite a stir amongst the Rebel Alliance, who will attempt to shut the web-based gossip site down, by shooting a proton torpedo down an exhaust port in the back of the websites computer tower.

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